Important announcement

Alcohol Planet is not closing!

In the light of last issues, unusual changes, various truths, half-truths and fictions, we are asked more often these questions: Are you closing? If you are not closing totally, are you closing just for special time? Dear our customers, I would like to assure you, we are not closing. We are preparing one new and special service for you – the delivery service. Let me explain you all, step-by-step:

What has happened?

New General binding rule No. 173 was issued. There is written:

  • All the selling places, where alcohol is included into the range of selling goods…, whereby these selling places aren’t firstly focused on running innkeeper’s trade (such as Alcohol Planet shop), these businesses have to set their opening hours as following: 6.00 am – 9:00 pm

What does it mean?

It means:

  • Alcohol Planet cannot be opened after 9:00 pm. All other business such as pizza, fast-food places, etc. even if they are 5 meters further, can be opened till midnight or till 4:00 am. It doesn’t matter if it sales alcohol. You can consider it as strange or weird or are there any other interests for someone? We can think whatever we want, but this cannot be changed. At least till now. This General binding rule was issued and valid and we must accept it. Because of that, we must close our shop at 9:00 pm (valid since February 1st, 2019). 

All right, and what now?

We are aware of consequences. We offer more than 2500 items. Our stable night service was mostly offered to all people who were working during the night, for those people whose visitors surprised, etc. All those people wanted energetics drinks, sweets, tobacco products, etc. Our customers used to come… they did not need to do any shopping at night. They knew all about our wide range of products and they knew, they could buy anything they want – from drinks in cans as beer, cola… to very expensive premium alcohol. 

We are leaders in such business area in Kosice (or may-be we are the only one with such business in Kosice) and we are aware of it. Because of that, we were looking for some solution which is in line with the General binding rule.

Solution: Delivery service

Pizza house will deliver you pizza home, but we… we will deliver you Jack Daniels, bottle of high-quality wine or just beer. Up to you… just choose. What is the idea of the delivery service? How will it work? Just call 0917700701 anywhere you are, place the order and wait. Our courier will deliver it to you home (payment right after delivery to courier). We are able to make it within 30 minutes for almost all addresses in Kosice. Opening hours will be set till morning light or even longer. Nowadays, we are working on E-shop where you will be able to see all our products and of course, place the order. Payment by card will be possible.

All right. And what about the delivery service fee?

We do not want to increase the prices because of hiding the delivery service fee in them. It is not fair for those orders where more pieces are ordered. We would like to keep our standard – the lowest prices in Kosice (some prices are as same as our competitors have – but still low). Delivery service fee will be low – just few EUR. If bigger order is placed by E-shop, this order will be delivery fee free order. 

Bonus: all our drivers drive Eco-friendly cars. That means Alcohol Planet fights for Eco Planet.

We believe, you will understand the necessity of this change. We will do all the bests to keep as high standard as before. Enjoy all the time spend with your relatives, friends and with our products.